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Bluetooth Controller Wireless Controller Game Controller Computer

Bluetooth Controller Wireless Controller Game Controller Computer

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Product information:

Scope of application: PS4, PC, IOS, Android
Applicable age: 6+
Product size: 16.5ᅲ11.5ᅲ7
Material: ABS

1. The controller has stable performance, high cost performance, and supports any software version of the PS4 host;
2. The Bluetooth handle connection distance is more than 10M;
3. With 3D acceleration sensor and gyroscope sensor function, composed of 6-axis sensor function;
4. With RGB LED color channel indication, it is convenient to distinguish different users and roles;
5. The Bluetooth connection mode is the same as the original handle mode;
6. Support USB lithium battery charging;
7. Support 3.5mm TRRS stereo jack to connect earphone and microphone, speaker output independently;
8. Support dual-point capacitive sensing touchpad;
9. Support dual motor vibration function, use pressure sensitive motor;
Choose to use the standard PS4 function (same as the original function, can work on the PC through the driver, no driver for Windows 10 and Android 5.0 and above)
Wide operating voltage range, ultra-low sleep current, operating voltage and current: 3.7V-80mA, USB input voltage and current: 5.2V-1000mA
This solution supports PC USB online upgrade of the product program, thereby supporting the latest upgrade system of the PS4 host. It can effectively avoid the problem that the product cannot be used due to the host upgrade system


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Handle X1

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