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Allen shaw cream lip glaze

Allen shaw cream lip glaze

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Elevate Your Lips with Vanny's Allen Shaw Cream Lip Glazel. Experience Luxurious Lip Care with this Exquisite Creamy Formula. Shop Now for Irresistibly Soft and Beautiful Lips – Your Daily Lip Essential with Vanny

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Ingredients: minerals

about that product:
1. Matte velvet effect, your lips will be a little dry, if you want to moisturize, please use before using lipstick.
2. Do not press the lips tightly after applying the gloss agent, otherwise it will become sticky. Matte effect, long-lasting waterproof, easy to remove with lip cleansing oil.
3. Liquid lipstick (not 100% filling) will leave space when you put on the brush.
4. Lightweight, natural and healthy strawberry flavor lipstick. If you don't like this taste, please choose carefully.
5. Coloring and matte velvet effect-these shadows are beautiful colors, coloring and smoothly. It dries matte almost instantly without drying the lips. They are of very good quality, are not difficult to remove, and dry the mat with a very tinted color to suit all skin types.

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