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Car personality decoration stickers

Car personality decoration stickers

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Size: 6*4.3cm thickness about 4MM with adhesive backing (hand measurement, slight error) please understand.     

1, it is best to use alcohol to clean the location to be attached, dry and keep the surface dry, do not have water, oil, dust, it is best not waxed in the near future.    

2, when you paste, according to the size of the car sticker, choose a flat place, and then remove the 3M plastic backing paper on the back of the car label. (When attaching, it is best to use a hair dryer to heat the rubber surface to make it more sticky) Just stick it on and squeeze it with your hand.       

Note: Once attached, try not to move any more, and don't try to test the firmness of the paste immediately by hand. This is easy to pull the glue down. Do not wash the car within 3 days after sticking it.

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